Cognitive Systems Engineeringって何だろう

Computerの記事*1というのを読んでみた。日本語にすると認知システム工学といったところか。意味わからんね。で、Cognitive Systems Engineeringって何だろう?ということでWikipedia見ると

This is Systems Engineering with the human integrated as an explicit part of the system. It draws from the direct application of centuries of experience and research in both Cognitive Psychology and Systems Engineering. Cognitive Systems Engineering focuses on how man interacts with the environment and attempts to design systems that explicitly respect how humans think, and works at the intersection of: problems imposed by the world; needs of agents (human, hardware, and software); and interaction among the various systems and technologies that affect (and/or are affected by) the situation. Sometimes referred to as Human Engineering or Human Factors Engineering, this subject also deals with ergonomics in systems design.


  1. CSE should support the systems engineering community.
  2. CSE is a strategy.
  3. CSE should minimize the user's cognitive requirements.
  4. CSE is a way to get user opinions into the design process.
  5. CSE is essential to good system design.


*1:[ Klein, Steven Deal, Sterling Wiggins, "Cognitive Systems Engineering: The Hype and the Hope," Computer, vol. 41, no. 3, pp. 95-97, Mar., 2008]