Your IQ Score is: 125 Your time left: 0:12

  • the verdict

才能を磨いてくれ(中略) Jobwise, you're probably better bank teller material. You might even become a title some time in your life.

  • the scale

Below 85 - Terrible...
85-99 - Not so good...
100-115 - Little above the average
116-125 - Way above the average
126-135 - Gifted, pretty close to genius
136-145 - Exceptional! Most people see you as genius
146-165 - Genius
166-180 - Exceptional Genius
181-199 - More then genius ... (you were cheating or what?)
Above 200 - Beyond measurable genius


Don't be fooled by the humo in here. (中略) please try some other one, the results on this one won't be as accurate if you take it twice.